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It's more than just, life. More than just living and dying, but a connection between all human beings, emotions and something bigger. No one knows for certain exactly what it is, but it's faith that keeps us moving on and going forward. Yes, you are born, grow up, learn, love and expire. But it's the journey along the way that leads to really living. It's not the riches, education or highest paying job and it can be difficult for people to look past all that.
Everyone experiences tragedy throughout their lifetime which can be more painful than any wound. Something that eats at your heart every time you think about it. But maybe it just takes one person to open the eyes of someone who's fallen down to help them become something beautiful again. Maybe it's that connection that truly makes the world go around; a connection of love from one person to another that can send a burst of light into a dark room.
You may be thinking, "who are you to tell me about life or why for that matter?" Well, I'm just a small town girl who wants to make an difference in peoples lives just because I care. You never know who can set of a spark in someone's life that can have a great enough impact to change their feelings into positive ones.
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sylverwiings Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2010
awe sid, you are beautiful :heart:
i`m happy that you believe in these
words, they are the foundations to
a fullfilling life :)
engravedwithMusic Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2011
thanks girl<3
sylverwiings Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2011
no problem ;]
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